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New downtown viewing spot.

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Unread postby pendleton509 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:25:49 pm

A new downtown viewing spot has been established for Sounders supporters. The Monterey Cafe at 9 N. Washington (downstairs and around the corner from the A Club). After separating from A Club, I approached the owners of The Monterey about letting me show the Seattle-Portscum match and it went off so well that they agreed to purchase direct kick so I could show every Sounders game. The Monterey wasn't known for being soccer or Sounders friendly, but apparently we impressed them enough to be invited here and make it home.

If you frequent Tecate, you should continue to do so, in no way am I trying to not consolidate or create separation. There are lots of fans in the area that are looking for places to watch and support. If you have kids and can't take them into a bar - go to Tecate. If you can handle knife wielding drunks and really, really foul language - come to The Monterey. The Monterey serves food (pizzas, bbq, sandwiches, wings,etc.), which is a plus and they also have a bar side and a cafe side and 6 flat screen TV's. Some under 21 people could watch the games on the cafe side, but again this is mostly a spot for getting rowdy.

For those of you who came to the Portscum match, THANKS! An impressive showing of more than 30 people was greatly appreciated. Way to keep the chants going!

Anyways... I got the Open Cup game hooked up via streaming laptop tonight (Wed 7/13) at The Monterey if you wanna check it out.

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Unread postby nuthatch » Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:13:06 pm

pendleton509 wrote:If you can handle knife wielding drunks and really, really foul language - come to The Monterey.

Hmmm...this actually makes me want to go to Spokane...
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Unread postby liquidmj » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:16:23 am

I work with all the Puget Sound partners for ECS and this just a piece of advice for anyone building relations with new bars. Be very careful how you communicate with them and what the expectations are. Scum away was a BIG event and there was a ton of hype around it. I'm sure they were happy with the 30 or so customers on a Sunday afternoon but as you mentioned they're not a soccer pub so they don't understand the game or the culture. What happens when only 5 of you guys show up for a Saturday night match against someone like Columbus and UFC is going on the same night or we get ESPN match of the week on a Thursday night, but NFL also does a Thursday night game as well.

Just make sure they understand that sometimes the crowd will be very small and sometimes much bigger but you'll work with them to build it up as a true soccer bar. Too many places try it out and don't see immediate returns and turn their backs. We were able to build a strong history the AC and Fuel by continuously working with them and building the base.

One final note is that you guys should really try to consolidate and make a place your home. Get everyone together and try to publicize the event. I don't know what the big Spokane newspaper is but go to their website and comment on their match pieces saying that the ECS contingent in Spokane is meeting at ___ and try to really welcome anyone you don't recognize and possibly buy them a beer or something. It'll take work but you guys can build something really cool out there.
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Unread postby pendleton509 » Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:15:14 pm

thanks for the advice. what i'm doing here is really transplanting an already established following to a bar that is literally about 100 yards away from our last spot. i've worked with the owners of this spot for over eight years. (i'm a sound engineer for nightclubs and venues) it's a sports bar/cafe that turns into a karaoke bar late night. they let me do whatever i want and love me bringing them business. i work a few shifts here serving and bartending so it's all cool. the owner was just never a soccer fan and he really doesn't need to be. they are just facilitating what i am bringing. they totally don't get the culture of soccer and we kid each other back and forth, but it's healthy. this environment is actually far better than our last spot, because concerts were conflicting with matches. i'm confident we can put 40-50 supporters in here for most matches once everyone finds out this is the new place. the only reason i'm not going to the other spokane viewing location is that it is more of a family restaurant and it's not downtown. if there were a spokane place that truly wanted to be a soccer bar, i would be there along with everyone. for now - we just take this place over during matches. we actually do have a local sports writer that has helped us out a lot .
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