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Unread postby Ozzimo » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:36:24 pm

So hey guys. I'm Evan from the 253D and I have a geographically cool thing to tell you. (Ps if this dives too far away from soccer and supporting feel free to delete, i won't feel hurt or anything) Getting to the point, I work for a Pub Quiz hosting company and they are hiring in Oly. I've been with them for more than a year and I love the job. It's really just a hobby job. I do one quiz a week, 2 hours a night plus writing a blog. I make 50 bucks per week per quiz.

aka make 200 bucks a month by going to a bar and hosting a quiz. Plus you get 25 bucks bar cash for dinner and some beer. Drink while working? yes please. If this sounds interesting go ahead and PM me or if you know someone who would be great on a microphone in front of people, same deal.

Thanks for letting me take up board space, I'll see you guys at the games or the next membership drive. <3
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