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Unread postby crdiaz73 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:19:04 pm

I wanted to inform the Armed Services Group - Military Chapter of ECS and 253 defiance members about incident we had at The Ale House Pub and Eatery (Our Supporter Partner Pub) on Sunday June 19th at the Away Viewing SSFC Vs NYRB match. One of our members who had not missed a home viewing came with his family to watch the away viewing and was denied watching the match on the large screen with sound since another family was there watching the NBA final game on it. He was told that they could watch the match with no sound on the other smaller 19" TV in the room. The family watching the NBA final also happened to related to one of the waitresses This was not received well since this is our Partner Pub and the reason we have a partner pub to make sure events like this do not happen, especially in a room where our Partner flag hangs proudly along with our scarves. There were several other Sounder supporters watching the game in the bar area one of the two large screens with the TV audio and not the stereo since it was playing the NBA Playoff game. This scenario was a little better received. I spoke to Eric the bar manager and he stated that he wasn't going to kick a family out that was there first watching the NBA Playoff game. I understand the situation that put him in but I also explained to him the reason we have a named Supporter Partner Pub in the first place. He stated, lately he never knows how many people are coming to the viewings if any at all and it he has to do what is best for the business as a whole. I get that and to make a long story short Eric stated if we reserve the Family friendly large screen anytime we want with sound in advance as long as someone call and shows up to utilize it and he would make sure there would be a reserved note for ASG&253 SSFC viewing with start time. We will always get a large screen in the bar area either with stereo or without depending on the size of the turnout we bring to the viewings. I think for the time being this is a fair compromise. If anyone has any suggestions to improve the scenario I would appreciate it. Also, I have been posting for both away and home game viewings and I am thinking to only post for Away game viewing in the future. Any thought on this would be appreciated as well. Bottom line is if we don't support our Supporter Pub and show up to the events we will slowly lose any priority and priviledges over time. Please let's do our best to show up in numbers the best we can!
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