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Unread postby MDelgado122 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:24:28 pm

Just a little idea I had. I know it might be a bit raw and we might not have the finances to do it any time soon, but just an idea out there. We tend to have a lot of buses running the PDX away trips, and I figured, why not try to book an ECS train? If it's possible to book a train. If not, we could scoop up Amtrak tickets en masse, assuming the schedules match. I figure it'd go something like this. ECS Rally in the North Parking Lot at RBP, followed by a march across the lot to King Street Station, boarding the train, riding down to PDX in typical ECS fashion, rocking with chants and songs. Arrive in Portland, march from the Portland station to the match at Providence. From there, simple. Arrive, wreck Portscum, leave on a northbound train.. For those of you who like to get your tailgating in, Amtrak provides a bar car on most trains. Again, yeah it's ambitious, but it's an idea assuming the train schedules line up (which if I remember correctly, they tend to). If not as a mass ECS idea, I'm open to the idea of myself snagging a few Amtrak tickets and distributing them to members who don't get on the buses, creating a Supporters' Railcar if nothing else. Not saying the buses aren't working, they're great and I'd love to be on one next year, just presenting some potential, at least as one of a few travel methods. Course it all depends on when PDX away matches are too.
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Unread postby futbolgirl » Sat Oct 18, 2014 6:58:02 am

This idea has been explored and is as of now unfeasible due to Amtrak's lack of West Coast assigned engines.

And, we don't take down that many buses anymore. We averaged only 3 per trip in the last two years. So, the deposit outlay is too risky.
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