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Away Trip - NYRB- 6/13/18

Travel with ECS to see SSFC play outside of Seattle.

Unread postby Antiei30 » Thu Jan 4, 2018 2:20:33 pm

Monkey Update:

Hello Away Traveler!

It’s been almost two years since we last met in New Jersey, and a lot has changed since then. Recent cup runs aside, our boys face daunting headwinds to make the playoffs this year, and need us now more than ever as they head into the summer.

And YOU will be a part of that, along with 50 other Sounders singing for our boys, until the end. So, here’s everything you need to know for this match day.


Your New York Red Bull Away Ticket(s) to stand with the Emerald City Supporters for the match on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 @ 8 PM EST at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ are attached to this email! Print your ticket(s), bring them with you, and keep it with you for the entirety of the match.


Carlow East! Our partner bar in Manhattan is hosting us for our pre-func. They open at 10:00 AM, but most of us will be arriving in the late afternoon around 3 PMish.

Carlow East address: 1254 Lexington Avenue (85th & Lex), New York, NY 10028.

At 4:45 PM, we will pay our tabs and head to the subway by 5:00 PM. Be prepared with a metrocard for the subway. We will also be transferring to the PATH to reach Harrison. New Yorkers: your unlimited metrocard is not accepted by PATH, you will need a cash value on your card of at least $5.50 for a round-trip PATH ride. Visitors: you will need a cash value on a metrocard of at least $11 for a round trip subway-PATH ride. *See attached maps*

Transportation & Parking:

For those taking transit in, the best option is to take the train from NYC (World Trade Center) also known as the PATH train. You will need to take the Newark bound PATH train to the Harrison stop. *See attached maps*

For those visiting supporters driving in, you are encouraged to park in any public lot around the arena. Parking is between $15-$25. Please find a link to the parking lot map by clicking here, and be sure to put in Red Bull Arena (600 Cape May St, Harrison, NJ 07029) into your Google Maps or Waze app when you embark. If you’re looking to coordinate rides, be sure to post on the thread for this trip in the ECS forum or on the Seattle Sounders East Facebook page.

Stadium Entry:

All ticket purchasers must be at Gate C1 no later than 6:45 PM to meet up with those who will be traveling from the prefunc at Carlow East and other train travelers, where we will be met by stadium security to conduct a quick safety meeting, tifo will be reviewed and then escort us into the section. Please be prepared for bag checks, pat downs, and metal detectors at the gate. The bag policy is no larger than 14x14x6. NYRB does not have a clear bag requirement, however, backpacks are not allowed. Stadium policies can be reviewed by clicking here.

Gametime Expectations:

Emerald City Supporters is a supporter group. That's important to remember. Our reason for being at the match is to spur our boys on toward victory; everything else is secondary.

●If you bought tickets through ECS our section will be in Section 220. Our section will be treated as General Admission; we do not enforce seat assignments. Tifo, capos, drum, and security will be in the front 1-2 rows. Everyone else is invited to stand where they feel most comfortable.

●Participation is encouraged. We'll have song cards so you can sing, chant, and go mental right along with us. Don't worry if you don't know all of the words, just follow along the best you can, and your support will be felt!

●There may be times where you can't see as well as you might like due to flags and tifo. We like to wave flags. Even during the run of play sometimes. We feel like it's an important part of showing the boys our support. If a flag is in your way, and you don't like it - please feel free to change seats. That's part of why we do GA, so you're not stuck in an uncomfortable spot.

●Friends or family in other non-Sounders MLS team gear or colors will not be allowed to stand with us. If you or someone in your group is wearing colors of another MLS team, they will be asked to remove those items. If they refuse, we will try to have your group reseated. If the stadium staff cannot accommodate a reseating, then your group will be asked to leave.

●Please, do not engage in any way with home fans, and tie your scarves around your neck. Security will keep home fans at bay; there's no need to engage in any wordplay, taunting, threats, etc. If you have an issue, notify ECS Security, Travel Monkey, or stadium staff.


Standard procedure for all MLS matches is to hold the visiting supporters in the section for approximately 15 minutes in order to give the home fans time to clear the concourse. We will then be escorted by stadium security and local police out of our section and all the way to the PATH station.

Itinerary Recap:

As always, make SURE you check with the travel monkey on the ground for the latest schedule/details.

10:00 AM-5:00 PM – Prefunc at Carlow East
4:45 PM– Settle your tabs
5:00 PM– Walk to Metro Station and Get your Cards
5:15-6:45 PM – Travel to NYRB stadium via subway and then PATH to Harrison
6:45 PM – All travelers meet at gate C1
7:00 PM – Security Meet up and inspection, begin group entry process, security to escort to section 220
7:15 PM – Get into the optimal supporting zone
10:15 PM – Stadium exit with escort by security out of stadium, make way to the Harrison PATH station
Eternal Blue Forever Green

Note: Your Travel Monkeys for this match will be Jack Burtch & Nikki Graziano. Monkeys can be reached at travel@weareecs.com or on twitter (@ECSTravelMonkey).

If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to Jack directly, by phone at 425-233-9104 or by email at jack.burtch@gmail.com.
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Unread postby Anacortes Sounder » Sat Jun 9, 2018 8:44:19 pm

we are 4 that will represent!
Need a recommendation for a Jersey Pre-Func.
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Unread postby Antiei30 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:33:50 am

Working on monkey mail. Should ship sometime today.
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Unread postby kingofkings24 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:09:12 pm

Anyone down in the Newark area? I am looking for a travel pal up to Carlow East. Let me know asap please, as My parents and I are going over to Edison National Park around 10 am. And I can only fool around on here for so long ;)
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Unread postby Anacortes Sounder » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:30:53 pm

Staying in MidTown, plan on rolling into Carlo E's about 4pm.
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Unread postby sternjs » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:28:44 am

We purchase tickets through stubhub. Any problem joining in tonight or did we have to get tickets through ECS to be in the supporter's section?
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Unread postby nikkigraziano » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:50:29 am

sternjs wrote:We purchase tickets through stubhub. Any problem joining in tonight or did we have to get tickets through ECS to be in the supporter's section?

yeah come join us! as long as it's not sold out, no problem. but i doubt it is. just make sure to follow the instructions from monkey mail at the top of this thread!
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