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What Section will ECS be in for an Away Match?

Travel with ECS to see SSFC play outside of Seattle.

Unread postby Antiei30 » Sun Apr 1, 2018 6:27:21 pm

This is a frequently asked question via our forums, twitter and email for all of us Travel Monkeys for every away match.

Travel Monkeys in the past may have included the section information in the purchase description page, but you may have noticed we are no longer following this practice. Travel Monkeys will no longer be providing our section information in the forums, on twitter or providing that information in response to email requests.

1) ECS Travel Monkeys organize away trips to all Sounders FC Matches. We welcome all Sounders fans to stand together as one group, one voice, and support our Sounders. Our section at every away match is treated as General Admission (GA); we do not enforce seat assignments tifo, capos, the drum, and security will be in front few rows. Everyone else is invited to stand where they feel most comfortable.
2) Participation is encouraged. We'll have song cards so you can sing, chant, and go mental right along with us. Don't worry if you don't know all the words, just follow along the best you can and your support will be felt!
3) There may be times where you can't see as well as you might like in our section due to flags and tifo. We like to wave flags. Even during the run of play sometimes. We feel like it's an important part of showing the boys our support. If a flag is in your way, and you don't like it - please feel free to change seats. That's part of why we do GA, so you're not stuck in an uncomfortable spot.
4) We do not advertise what section we will be in, for our own group’s safety. Advertising on social media or in a public forum is asking for rival supporter groups or fans of opposing teams to know exactly where our group will be at an away stadium. We take our groups safety seriously when on away trips and we do not want to invite issues upon our traveling group.
5) We request the section information as part of our protocols when negotiating with opposing teams FO prior to the beginning of the season, some will provide it immediately, some will not. If opposing teams provide us with that information, it is always subject to change.
6) We do not advertise our section because as visiting supporters, the stadium has the right to move us at any time, and we try to only give out information we know to be solid.
7) We usually do not have final confirmation of our section until we have a supporter call between us, the opposing team FO, MLS and stadium security the week of an away match.
8) When will you know what section we will be in? If you purchased tickets through ECS for an away match, you will be notified in the Monkey Mail sent to you about 3-4 days prior to each match all of the details you need to know about that away trip including the section and rows we will be in for that match.

The Travel Monkeys also ask that our members and those communicating in the forums please not speculate as to our section as well. Unless you are a travel monkey organizing a specific trip you may be providing false information and we would like to avoid misinformation. This is MLS and one thing that is constant is change. What may have been an away section area in a prior year, may not be what it will be in the current year and as noted above the information being sought can change at any time.
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