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BFV Home & Away Pub 2012

Unread postby pmendoza » Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:49:08 pm

Home Pub: Merchant's Cafe & Saloon in Pioneer Square.
This is where all home pre-game parties (also known as Pachangas) take place.
- Latin music: which often leads to dancing
- Drink specials
- ECS members: $3 pints of Redhook No Equal & 10% off bill
- Under 21 is allowed except up at the bar

Merchant's Cafe & Saloon
109 Yesler Way Seattle, WA 98104

Away Pub: Rookies Sports Bar & Grill in Columbia City.
You will find us here at away matches.
- ECS members: 10% off your order (not during happy hour unless you order non-happy hour items).
- Under 21 allowed

Rookies Sports Bar & Grill
3820 South Ferdinand Street Seattle, WA 98118

We welcome all to stop by to check it out.
Come find me (Pablo) if you don't know anyone and I'll introduce you to folks. You will leave knowing lots of great people and having a good time.

Side note: some have mentioned that they feel intimidated to meet up with us because they don't speak any Spanish. Please don't worry as many of us either don't speak any Spanish, don't speak any English, speak both, and we even have supah nerds that speak more than 2 languages. :)

Nos vemos!

- Pablo
Vamos Sounders! TAKE 'EM ALL!!!

For updates check out:
FB Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/LaBarraFuerzaVerde/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/soundersbarra
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