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Unread postby eatcalientepockets » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:55:37 am

SO this week i've been milling over some ideas to get new faces around and to show off our presence. Here are just a few of my ideas:

1. Seahawks Viewing at the Pub: MOST of the folks making the crossing with us on the ferries for matches that wear the rave green consider themselves the 12th man as well. Acknowledging our other teams and their fans will help us look less like "soccer hooligans" and even create new fans

2. An ECS Pub Crawl: Poulsbo has multiple bars and breweries within walking distance of each other. We get a bunch of the city folk ECS to cross a ferry and we show them a good time. We could even do another one in Bremerton, they also have a great bar hopping set-up.

3. Raffles: ECS swag, Kits, Old scarves, maybe even tickets. We hold raffles for all these things provided we have enough people expected to show up, build some cash for t-shirts and stickers to get our presence out there

4. Meredith: He's our homegrown sounder, lets have a beer with him! Get a couple of the ECS leadership and Meredith over for a membership drive and meet-and-greet, maybe raffle off a signed jersey or two (puma's kit?)

5. Advertising: 8x10 flyers on telephone poles, flyers, song cards, get em out there

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