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SSFC vs DC United Viewing Party 4/7/12

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Unread postby EVILIVE » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:16:19 pm

So a new season begins and its time for Viewing Parties to start up once again!!! This year our home pub O'Blarney's is an official MLS Pub. This means that they have the MLS Direct Kick Package and all MLS games will be shown as well as other perks such as this first viewing party which will be attended by SSFC! Here are some other tidbits about the party as well.

Red Hook ECS No Equal Amber Lager will be sold for $3 a pint

The Sounders FC will be sending VIP representatives of the organization to talk about the team.

There will be a halftime raffle with Tickets to future games given away, Shirts, Scarves, Jerseys and other great prizes.

Photos will be taken and posted to the Sounders FC website.

Most of the Bar and restaurant will be reserved for Sounders fans.

Also, BHM Shirts, Scarves and Stickers will be for sale in limited sizes/numbers. Get yours while they are still available.

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Unread postby UnforgivenPotato » Fri Apr 6, 2012 7:08:12 pm

Awesome, im'a be there.
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