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2 Pole Courtesy

Unread postby gamboaa » Wed May 23, 2012 11:14:01 am

Hello Peeps,

We are trying to rotate our two poles down to GA. Two-poles and flags can be a pain in the ass to some folks that sit behind them. Here are some general courtesy tips for two-poles at home or away matches. Some of these ideas are written in the forums and others have been spread word of mouth.

Best practice is when you first get to your seat is to introduce yourselves to the people sitting directly behind you. That way you start off on the right foot.

Let them know you will be putting up your two-pole and hope that they don't mind. I find that if folks know that I am part of la Barra they are more than happy that I am putting up a two-pole.

Best times to put up two-pole:
-Before match
-After match
-After a Sounders score
-Whenever ECS flags go up

For the most part try not to put them up during run of play.

Please try to follow these tips. Especially since we are so recognizable with our t-shirts and two-pole designs.

If you want to rock a two pole during a match, and we hope you do, come find Pablo or Andrea at Merchant's, or let us know.

Most of this is common sense but lately there have been folks sitting in GA that have no idea that we wave flags and have two-poles sticking up. So it's a shocker to them and they get pissy.

Please spread the word. Gracias.
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Unread postby supasta8301 » Thu May 24, 2012 9:26:38 am

Alright, I am still incredibly angry, but if two poles go up, and then down, I really wish that we can talk new people through it.
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Unread postby revolution1973 » Fri May 25, 2012 12:42:29 pm

These have poles?
Also if your two pole is player/action specific don't be afraid to put it up when appropriate. Your player does something awesome or a guy flops maybe we need to put boots to asses.
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