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Unread postby slacker57 » Sun Nov 20, 2022 10:17:52 am

So, I have done PDX, Vancouver and Colorado for Sounders. Obviously, we don't have a schedule yet but what are some away trips within MLS markets where you were surprised by the vibes of the city and are looking forward to going back? I am restricting it to MLS markets because there is no CCL for us this year. Food scene and getting around without a rental car are big factors for me.
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Unread postby WestcoastBrian » Tue Dec 6, 2022 3:40:18 pm

Dallas really surprised me. There was only around 10 of us there, but we were able to create an atmosphere and I loved the food there. Unfortunately you would need a rental car.

I had fun road tripping to Salt Lake. It was my first Sounders game in another time zone and I forgot to plan for that so I showed up to the prefunk when everyone was packing up to enter the stadium.

LAFC is working on their transportation system. The K line is half open and when the whole expansion finally opens you will be able to go from LAX to the stadium.
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Unread postby SeattleCalcio » Wed Dec 7, 2022 7:31:45 pm

I would add Chicago! It is a great city, and with the fire playing in soldier field now it's entirely doable by transit.
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Unread postby slacker57 » Sun Dec 11, 2022 4:55:08 am

A bit about me. I am a supporter of OL Reign and the US national teams in addition to the Sounders FC. I am usually waving a BFF for either Sounders or the Reign.

I have done Salt Lake for the Reign and done the 2019 and 2022 NWSL championships
For USA, I have done San Diego (at the former NFL venue) Denver/Commerce City, MSP, Columbus, Cinncinati, Austin, Raleigh and KC. I went to France for the Women's World Cup.

From that list, I will say that MSP and Cincy are on my list to go back for Sounders away. A note on Cincinnati's stadium, when I was there for the Yanks, there was a light show so be prepared if anyone is sensitive to that. WIthout MLS or NWSL schedules, I have been pondering US women in Nashville in Feb and the US men in Grenada in March.

Thanks for the suggestions of Dallas and Chicago.
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Unread postby terrier » Sat Dec 17, 2022 2:38:03 pm

NYC should be on your list, especially if not needing a rental car is a criterion. But I prefer NYRB (really NJRB) matches over NYCFC.

I hate - I mean, really hate - the whole "Red Bull" thing. But Red Bull Arena is a genuinely great, transit-accessible stadium (even though it's in Jersey), and the Sounders fans in NYC are a solid bunch - I have very fond memories of absolutely dominating the atmosphere in there with <100 away fans singing our guts out. It doesn't take much.

Fuck NYCFC and Yankee Stadium, though. Transit accessible, but a terrible venue for soccer.
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Unread postby ravegreener » Mon Jan 2, 2023 7:37:48 pm

This really feels like a bad away year for me.

No easy coast trips aside from Charlotte. No Toronto or Montreal. Austin away on a wed. So I'm looking at just cascadia and socal (my usual away).

I'd have loved a weekend San Jose, spring trip to Miami, NYC or Philly in fall but I guess I'm left with Minnesota visiting in laws and maybe St Louis for decision day.

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