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Away Trip - Dallas- 9/16/17

Travel with ECS to see SSFC play outside of Seattle.

Unread postby Antiei30 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:02 pm

Deadline to purchase away tickets for this match is set for 9/1/17 at 12:00 pm Pacific.

Monkey Edit: Deadline extended to 9/6/17 at 11am Pacific.

Monkey Edit:

Hello Champion Away Travelers!!
Welcome to the first match this year between the Seattle Sounders vs FC Dallas. You are part of an elite team of 54+ traveling supporters. Our boys are approaching a 13 game unbeaten run. Portland and Vancouver have risen above us in the standings. We need to get all 3 pts from this match and take back our position in the standings. Our boys are going to need you for all 90+ minutes in Frisco.
Please note as the time of this Monkey Mail, we may or may not have a traveling monkey on the ground due to a family emergency and other unforeseen circumstances. I have faith that those of you traveling (there are many leaders amongst you) will be able to lead yourselves in an appropriate manner, if there is not a traveling monkey. Please make sure to meet security when noted below. Please also no organized chants with foul language. Keep together as a group upon ingress and egress.
Your Dallas Away ticket(s) to stand with the Emerald City Supporters are attached to this email! Print them and bring them with you.
Toyota Stadium is located at 9200 World Cup Way in Frisco, Texas. Parking for visiting supporters can be found in the RED PARKING LOT. (see attached map).
Pre-func: 4:30-5:30 pm
No host tailgate in the RED PARKING LOT. The parking lot opens 2.5 hrs prior to kickoff. You can start arriving to tailgate at 4:30 pm.
What was formerly the Londoner/now British Lion is kind of a shit show now. It will take you forever to be served there and to be honest there are a ton of home fans that frequent that place now. We would rather not create problems where they don’t need to be. So tailgate amongst yourselves and bring something to share if you can.
Security Meet Up:
5:30 PM Pack up your tailgate and gather to meet with security.
5:45 PM Security will give a quick briefing. Security contact is Greg Ward. His contact number is (214) 223-6800 (in case security has not arrived by this time).
6:00 PM March to stadium. Security will escort the group through the security/emergency entrance and to our section.
Note: Standard MLS new security measures will be enforced. You will go through metal detectors and bag sizes are enforced. If you have attended home matches this can take some time upon entry. Any flags, two poles, drums, etc will also be inspected at this time. The standard PVC pipe poles are allowed for any personal flags you may want to bring.
Gametime 7:00 PM (Important Information):
Emerald City Supporters is a supporters group. That's important to remember. Our reason for being at the match is to spur our boys toward victory; everything else is secondary.
• Our section is 112 and as always treated as General Admission, we do not enforce seat assignments. Everyone is invited to stand where they feel most comfortable.
• Keep you scarf tied AT ALL TIMES, inside and outside the stadium. In the past, there have been a rash of scarf snatchings at Dallas matches.
• Participation is encouraged. Song cards can be downloaded ahead of time from our site: https://www.weareecs.com/multimedia/songs Don't worry if you don't know all the words, just follow along the best you can and your support will be felt!
• There may be times where you can't see as well as you might like due to flags. We like to wave flags. Even during the run of play sometimes. We feel like it's an important part of showing the boys our support, and they are going to need every ounce of strength. If a flag is in your way and you don't like it- please feel free to change seats. That is part of why we do GA, so you are not stuck in an uncomfortable spot.
• We understand that for some this may be a vacation in which you meet up with friends and family in the area and that's great. They are more than welcome to stand with us, as long as they DO NOT DISPLAY the colors and gear of the home team or any other team. Our section is the away section, and stadium security may mistake your friend or family member for an instigator, and no one wants that.
• FRIENDS OR FAMILY IN OTHER MLS TEAM GEAR OR COLORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND WITH US. The lower half of section 112/13 at Toyota Stadium is designated for fans and supporters of Seattle Sounders FC. If you or someone in your group is wearing colors of another MLS team, they will be asked to remove those items. If they refuse, we will try to have your group reseated. If stadium staff cannot accommodate a reseating, then your group will be asked to leave.
Postgame 9:00ish:
The MLS established procedure for those holding away supporter tickets is to remain in our section for up to 15-30 minutes while the home fans are cleared from the concourses. When the match ends, we ask that you scoot to the right interior of our section to avoid any contact with home fans. We remain until stadium security gives us the instruction to leave, and then we all leave together. We will be escorted by security back out the same entrance and to the RED LOT.
Eternal Blue Forever Green,
ECS Travel Monkey
P.S. For up the moment happenings, follow us on Twitter @ecstravelmonkey
If you have a need to contact the Head Travel Monkey, Eileen West for any issues you may have- please feel free to do so at (206) 852-1116 or you can also reach me by email at travel@wearecs.com

Travel Itinerary:
12:00 pm Find Pants
2:00 pm Find BBQ
3:00 pm Start your travel to Frisco
4:30 pm Pre-func at No Host Tailgate Red Lot
5:30 pm Pack up tailgate
5:45 pm Security briefing
6:00 pm March & Security Theatre
7:00 pm Kickoff
7:01 pm Own the Place
8:35 pm Celebrate 3 pts
9:00 pm Security Escort back to Red Lot
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Unread postby markjarmstrong » Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:24 am

Will ECS be selling tickets for the Dallas away game?
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Unread postby Antiei30 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:44 pm

Yes. This match should be available by the weekend.
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Unread postby Antiei30 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:03 am

Thanks for your patience. Tickets are now available in the ECS Store for this match. You can go to the link right here https://www.weareecs.com/shop/categories/product/1310-champions-travel-to-frisco-fc-dallas-october-15-2017
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Unread postby CitizenBum » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:35 pm

Less than a week out... can we expect any details soon?
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Unread postby KamaKaziKorean13 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:38 am

I'll be in Dallas for this game. who else is going?
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Unread postby fox3r » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:35 am

When are the tickets getting emailed out?
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Unread postby KamaKaziKorean13 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:44 pm

fox3r wrote:When are the tickets getting emailed out?

I was just wondering this too.....
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Unread postby iwantabossjersey » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:09 pm

They should be mailed out later on today. The volunteer monkey for this match had a situation come up that has taken his time away.
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Unread postby Antiei30 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:25 pm

Monkey Mail was just shipped within the last half hour. Check your email and your spam folders. Print your tickets. Monkey Mail has been posted in the first entry of this thread for reference.
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