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Emerald City Supporters organizes a home ticket program to all Sounders FC MLS home matches including MLS playoffs, CCL and USOC home matches. For all home MLS matches we are located in the Brougham End, south end behind the goal in lower GA Sections 121-123. 

Home tickets are a benefit of ECS Membership, and limited to purchase by current ECS members only. 

Our home ticket program allows our fellow ECS Members that might not be able to afford season tickets access to our section, allows members that have season tickets in other sections to join us occasionally, allows our non-local members access for trips home and for ECS members to bring friends, family and visitors to help spread the gospel of ECS, supporter culture and support of the Sounders to newbies.  

Make sure to read the full description page before purchasing.  The description page of each home match describes how and when home match tickets will be distributed and the expectations for matchday in the ECS section.  May initially be limited to 2 per member.  The description page will indicate this information and include the purchase cutoff date and time. When something changes in regards to ticket distribution or purchase deadlines your home Monkeys will update the description page. 

Final details and essentially everything you need to know for each home match will be sent via Monkey Mail (an email) sent to the email address associated with the purchaser's store account. Make sure your email is updated in your store account here. Monkey Mail for home matches generally ships 1-2 days prior to each home match.  

For up to date happenings related to home and travel tickets follow @ECSTravelMonkey on twitter. 

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