ECS Subgroups


Subgroups are groups of Seattle Sounder fans that wish to support their beloved team under the umbrella that is the ECS. Subgroups and their members are to be ambassadors of the ECS in their respective regions and must help spread the ECS songs, culture, and imagery. ECS subgroups do not have to sit in the GA, but are strongly encouraged to move to the GA over time. ECS envisions that someday all the Brougham End will be a mass of ECS members and subgroups chanting and waving flags to support the sounders. Together for our boys. All subgroup members are ECS first, subgroup member second.

Official Subgroups

253 Defiance

(253) a subgroup of ECS members representing Tacoma and the surrounding area. On match days find us in Section 123 waving flags and singing to lift up the Sounders in the Brougham End.

Altis Legion

(AL) is an ECS subgroup representing the Olympia and greater Thurston county area.

Anchor n Rose 48

(ANR) is the official ECS subgroup of Oregon anchored in the heart of Portscum. Our endeavors seek to champion the cause of SSFC in the Portland community and beyond while providing safe harbor for those of the Eternal Blue and Forever Green.

Armed Services Group

(ASG) is the official Military subgroup of the ECS. We are joined by our love of country, service and Sounders! Our members are active duty, guard, reserves, separated and retired service members, their families and all those that support the Armed Services.

Barra Fuerza Verde

(BFV) is the spirited supporter group of Seattle Sounders FC.  Our purpose is to bridge the Seattle Sounders FC with the Pacific Northwest Latino Community, and all Communities alike.  We welcome all fans who seek an atmosphere with international flair.

Bellingham Night Watch

(BNW) Bellingham Night watch) is the official ECS subgroup representing Bellingham. We also welcome and invite our neighbors in Whatcom County, Skagit County, and British Columbia. We are the ECS of the north. We are at the border. We are always watching.

Dry Side Supporters

(DSS) is a subgroup of ECS representing the sunnier side of Washington, our purpose is to connect Sounders FC fans across the expansive Columbia River Basin. We hope to build a network of support throughout central and eastern Washington so fans, no matter where they may be, can find a home amongst Sounders faithful.

European Sounders Federation

(ESF) a subgroup dedicated to spreading the love of Sounders across Europe and to those that have ties, permanent or temporary, to the continent. ESF helps supporters build and grow communities in their country using their native language.

Fog City Faithful

(FCF) are an official regional ECS subgroup of Bay Area/NorCal Seattle Sounders FC supporters who meet during the MLS season to watch games at local bars and share our love of the team.  In addition to meeting for TV viewings we also host the ECS pre-funk parties for SJ away matches!

Heartland Horde

(HH) is a rag-tag group of football lovers who are dedicated the Seattle Sounders FC.  We represent the largest geographical area of Sounders supports – the Midwest.  Our members can be found between the Rockies and the Appalachians, between Green Bay and Austin.

Pride of the Sound

(PS) is a loud and proud subgroup of the ECS. We take pride in supporting SSFC while we live proudly as members of the LGBTQA community. We promote tolerance socially as well as strive to promote tolerance inside supporter’s culture. Whatever gender or orientation we claim, we are strong, loyal members of the ECS, and our mission is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to support the best way that they can.

Seattle Sounders East

(SSE) is an official subgroup of the ECS. We are formed by members that are currently living or visiting anywhere ‘out east’. Our main focus is on the eastern US, from Maine down to Florida. You'll find us in cities such as Boston, New York, Philly, DC & Orlando.

Tropic Sound

(TS) is the ECS subgroup for Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean islands. It’s pretty accurate to be called the “Florida Man” of supporters groups.

West Sound Armada

(WSA) is a regional sub-group for members living on the West Side of Puget Sound.  We are primarily based in Kitsap County, but we welcome ECS members living anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula. If you take a ferry to the match, this is the subgroup for you.

Subgroup Guidelines

Official Subgroup Status

To attain official subgroup status a regional subgroup (regional specific, more than 10 miles from Centurylink Field) subgroup must recruit 25 unique members to purchase ECS membership. Non-regional subgroups (Seattle based groups) must recruit 50 unique members.  ECS members may participate and associate with as many sub-groups as they please, but they may only officially be a member of 1 sub-group. ECS leadership will maintain a database for each group to track this. New members, when purchasing their ECS Membership will also now have the option to select a subgroup of their belonging. This tool will allow you to recruit without any effort. Regardless, we encourage subgroups to recruit by other means at various events and other social networks. What you get when you become an official subgroup? Your own damn page on our website and a presence on the SSFC website as well under the Supporters Section. Additionally, through the ECS you will potentially get access to players, front office staff, etc to continue to promote your ECS subgroup. Additionally you get to be a part of one of the largest and fasting growing supporter groups in the US and be a part of some of the loudest chanting…


Subgroups are to require ECS membership from their members. ECS membership entails the purchase of the ECS membership package. Subgroups, however, can produce additional gear to fund raise on their own. We suggest that subgroups produce patches that can then be affixed to the ECS scarf sold with the ECS membership package. The patches can also be used to raise funds and will not put a huge financial burden on the subgroup. If a subgroup would also like to take advantage of the ECS Online Store, they are allowed to and encouraged to. Subgroup gear and logos must focus on the Sounders, the ECS, and their own identity-nothing else. Subgroups are strongly encouraged to go through ECS suppliers to get discounts and to support those that have supported us in the past


When a subgroup reaches official status, they will get their own custom page on the ECS website. Subgroups must use our website and group leaders will have access to their specific page where they can edit content and post photos.


Subgroups are required to set up a “home pub” to host events at and to set up away viewing parties. Subgroups can identify multiple locations, but one location is best for consistency and for effectiveness. Establish a drink special at this location.


Subgroups can fund raise and prepare tifo on their own as long as it is personal tifo (flags and two poles). Sub-groups can suggest large scale tifo ideas to the proper ECS leadership. We may not always bring these ideas to reality, but you should not feel like you cannot participate at all. Subgroups should stay away from large coordinated choreographed tifo displays as these cost money and require insider knowledge of the logistics of game day at Centurylink. Subgroup tifo imagery must be in sounder/ECS colors and incorporate SSFC logos, the subgroup logo, and ECS logos. Logos and or imagery of universities, colleges, and other teams is prohibited to avoid confrontation between groups and to be respectful of the main reason we are all here: to support the Sounders. We encourage subgroups to produce smaller, square-ish style (say 5ft. x 5ft.) rail banners due to the lack of space in The Brougham End.


Subgroups are strongly encouraged to travel with the ECS to away matches whenever possible. Subgroup members may also provide assistance in making travel arrangements for their respective locations.