253 Defiance

253 Defiance

Who We Are

253 Defiance is a subgroup of Emerald City Supporters representing members from Tacoma and the surrounding communities. Our first and foremost purpose is to support the Seattle Sounders FC in every way. It is at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud to represent ECS in the South Puget Sound and do so passionately with our voices and tifo. 253D has our own style that defines us. "Loyalty & Defiance" is our creed. We are loyal to the club, ECS, and our members. We are defiant towards anybody that wishes to disrupt or hinder our goal of supporting Sounders FC. Above all, we want to spread a positive example of support and just as we support Sounders FC, we support each other.


Founded in 2009 by our President, Paul Rosa and a handful of friends, we have members that come from all over the South Sound area. 253D calls the South Sound home, but we’re open to all who are interested in being a Sounders FC supporter regardless of where they’re from. Whereas Tacoma is the hub of our region and is named the "City of Destiny" we call ourselves the "Supporters of Destiny".

What We Do

One of our goals is to promote football in the South Puget Sound. This is our community and we want to see the sport grow and thrive where we live. We believe that everyone should have fair access to the sport and we encourage everyone to be involved in it. Whether it be playing or supporting, we love football and want others to get excited about it as well!

We regularly get together and hold tifo parties where we paint 2-poles and banners to display at matches. Our belief is the more color on the terraces the better!

Where We Meet

Before Sounders FC home matches you will find us at Temple Billiards in Pioneer Square. Then we gather at Occidental Park for the ECS March to the Match.

During the match we are in Section 123 passionately displaying our flags and singing boisterously to lift up our boys on the pitch at Royal Brougham Park. After each match we gather for a group photo on the concourse behind Sec. 122.

For away match viewings, our official bar is Wingman Brewers Tacoma. You can usually find a member or two there just hanging out after work.  Make sure you show your current year "ECS Membership Card" for $1 off pours year round!

Wingman Brewers 509 ½ Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, Washington - http://wingmanbrewers.com/

253 Defiance Football Club

253 Defiance also has our own FC. We play both indoor and outdoor leagues in Tacoma and host weekly kickarounds. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Whether you’ve never played before or you’re the next Lamar Neagle, we want you on our team! We want you to be one of us! We are ECS from 253. We are loyal & defiant. We are passionate & proud. We are 253 Defiance!

Find Us

  • 253D Facebook page: www.facebook.com/253Defiance
  • 253D Facebook communication group: www.facebook.com/groups/253Dcommunicationgroup
  • 253D Twitter: @253Defiance
  • 253D email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ECS/253D membership info: www.weareecs.com/join (Designate “253D” as your subgroup when purchasing your membership)