Altis Legion



Who We Are

We are Olympia’s Seattle Sounders FC supporter group; over 100 strong since forming in January 2019. We meet at Three Magnets to cheer on the boys to victory. Show up on game day and say hello! 

You can find us planning events, exchanging tickets, and keeping you up to date in our Facebook group. Please join! If you do not have a Facebook account, we will also post updates on our socials listed below.

If you’d like to become an ECS member, please do so here and mark your subgroup as Altis Legion. With your membership, you will receive various discounts, as well as free 4oz upgrades at Three Magnets when showing your membership card.


What To Expect 

Three Magnets has a 90" TV at the end of 2 long tables, as well as several shorter standard tables off to the side. Sounders games are played with full sound and are not interrupted for any reason. Games will be on the TV from start to finish. It can get busy for weekend games, so you might find yourself standing. If you end up standing, make sure you give a server your name. We recommend showing up an hour before game time if you want to be seated. 


Stay In Touch




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