Bellingham Night Watch

Mission Statement

A diverse collective of supporters east of the Cascades connecting Sounders FC fans & building community through soccer.

Who We Are

Bellingham Night watch (BNW) is the official ECS subgroup representing Bellingham. We also welcome and invite our neighbors in Whatcom County, Skagit County, and British Columbia. Our crest depicts beautiful Mt. Baker and Bellingham Bay lakes and valleys in the form of a crow skull. The Night Watch name is a nod to our favorite ECS tifo display on 5/27/2017 with Brian Schmetzer as the Rightful King. We are the ECS of the north. We are at the border. We are always watching.


Our history begins now. We are the new kids on the block and we’ve been hanging tough to have 2019 as our debut year amongst prestigious ECS subgroup royalty. We look to them for inspiration, guidance, and support. BNW stands on the shoulders of giants. A few years ago the Bellingham community experienced an upset in the normal go-to scenario for soccer enthusiasts and thus, Sounder Hamsters were scattered to the wind. As life went on and settled down, we grasped at the opportunity to start anew; to recreate and reboot, to gather and support our beloved Sounders.

What We Do

We gather. We love the Sounders. We celebrate and sometimes commiserate. We actively promote our sweet little subgroup to any Sounder we meet to spread the word that there is a small friendly community with open arms. We host our ECS traveling family at both North and South bound rest stops for Vancouver away matches. We are also the rescue committee for any Canada rejects who cannot cross the border. We don’t judge.  

Where We Meet

Our home match gatherings are smaller than away matches as many of us have season tickets and travel south to attend. For home matches in Seattle, you can find us at:

Temple Billiards
126 S Jackson St

Seattle, WA 98104

In Bellingham, home and away, we congregate at:

Menace Brewing
2529 Meridian St
Bham, WA 98225

It’s nice and spacious, many screens with sound, good food, good brew, excellent staff, kid-friendly, and centrally located with ample parking. Thumbs up all around!

Find Us

Facebook is the easiest way to keep track of events, gatherings, and general whatnot, though we are active on all our media platforms.

  • Facebook: @BhamNW
  • Twitter: @bhamnightwatch
  • Instagram: @bellinghamnightwatch
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.