Dry Side Supporters

Mission Statement

A diverse collective of supporters east of the Cascades connecting Sounders FC fans & building community through soccer.

Who We Are

Dry Side Supporters (DSS) is a subgroup of ECS representing the sunnier side of Washington. Our purpose is to connect Sounders FC fans across the expansive Columbia River Basin. We hope to build a network of support throughout central and eastern Washington so fans, no matter where they may be, can find a home amongst Sounders faithful. We celebrate the diversity of our membership and embrace the local communities we each call home. We support with all of our energy because not even the highest peaks of the Cascades can dull our passion for Sounders FC.

What We Do

We love our boys in famous green, the greatest team you've ever seen. So we get together at our home bars for every match to drink, sing, get rowdy, and celebrate another Sounders victory. With open arms and cold beers, we welcome all supporters that wish to join us in revelry and do our best to keep them coming back.

In these initial stages of our group's development we actively search out Sounders supporters throughout our region. We know that our numbers aren't sparse, we are however, spread out. Uniting Dry Siders together to strengthen support across the state is fundamental to our growth and will always remain a part of what we do. Soon Sounders all across our great state will see one another and speak the words "you can always count on me."


For a few years we, the Sounders supporters of the Yakima Valley, would gather on matchdays to watch our boys. Things started out slowly and crowds were small, but we recognized there was opportunity to grow. During the off season of 2015 we decided to get together and discuss ways to promote ourselves and get more fans to join us in supporting. We gave ourselves a name, made ourselves a logo, and decided to think big!

We named ourselves the Dry Side Supporters, because of the rain shadow that gives us over 300 sunny days and only 8 inches of precipitation per year. We decided to become a communications hub for our entire region, connecting supporters in cities across eastern Washington. We chose to seek out the fans and the Sounders faithful in our communities so that we could all unite as Dry Siders.

How To Join

Dry Side Supporters is open to all ECS members, select "DSS - Dry Side Supporters" as your subgroup when purchasing membership, join us at Fuel before a home match or Lobby Bar for an away match, or find us online:

  • DrySideSupporters.com
  • Dry Side Supporters Facebook
  • Dry Side Supporters Twitter
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.