European Sounders Federation

Who We Are

The European Sounders Federation (ESF) is a subgroup dedicated to spreading the love of Sounders across Europe and to those that have ties, permanent or temporary, to the continent. ESF helps supporters build and grow communities in their country using their native language. We have members in Croatia, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Germany, and more.


ESF was founded in 2015 by former Socal Sound co-organizer Steve Tauber after he moved to Croatia. The group quickly spread to various countries with the help of Armed Services Group and other ECS members that had relocated abroad. Since then, Euro Sounders has met in person yearly with the group printing their first scarf in 2017.


Heraldry nerd talk inbound. The escutcheon is a semi round shield: Party per pale argent and azure, the Space Needle eradicated counterchanged, border sable; surrounded by two laurel branches vert overlapping, a ribbon argent club founding year '74, name European Sounders Federation, founding year '15 sable.

Where We Meet

We meet in person at least once per year but sometimes more frequently. Previously, we have met in Amsterdam, Naples, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Every spring when the schedule is released, we vote on our meetups for the year. We welcome all Sounders fans to attend these meetups. We also have custom pins for those that join the fun!

Some of our members are European natives that have moved to Seattle and are active there. They meet up regularly for games. We also have an 8'x8' (2,4 sqm) flag that you can use for home matches. This needs to be coordinating with the game day operations team.

How to Join

It's easy. Join our Facebook group below! We are also active on Twitter. Additionally, some of our member organizations (those representing a specific country) are active on Twitter too. If you are an ECS member, please remember to designate ESF - European Sounders Federation when renewing your membership.


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