Fog City Faithful

Who We Are

Fog City Faithful is a subgroup of Sounders supporters located in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Northern California. We welcome both visitors and transplants from Seattle as well as folks from all over who caught the Sounders bug.


Fog City Faithful was started as Bay Area Sounders Supporters by Daniel Lee who had relocated to California for work.  The group stayed small until 2012 when more and more Sounders fans started relocating to the Bay Area. In 2013, we changed our name to Fog City Faithful and became an official ECS subgroup. The group has been handed down through a series of organizers as folks return to Seattle or venture further afield.

What We Do

FCF is first and foremost a Sounders supporters group. We get together to view Sounders matches and host local away matches. Our members have organized trips to LA, Portland, RSL, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Toronto to watch the Sounders together. We’ve also been known to chase down people spotted wearing Sounders or ECS gear on the streets of San Francisco.

How To Join

You can join the Fog City Faithful Facebook page to keep up to date with our viewing events and meet other local Sounders faithful.   We are also using Twitter to reach out to local and visiting Sounders fans. If you are an ECS member and would like to officially join Fog City Faithful please select the FCF subgroup in the membership form.

Where We Meet

We currently have two active viewing locations:

We’d love to add more locations in the East Bay and beyond.

Find us