Heartland Horde

HeartlandHordeWho We Are

The Heartland Horde is a growing group of football lovers who are physically dispersed but united in our passionate support for the Seattle Sounders FC.  We represent the largest geographical area of Sounders supporters– the Midwest and Central South. Our members can be found between the Rockies and the Appalachians, between Green Bay and New Orleans.


We started way back in 2009 when a few friends decided to band together to let the folks from the Sounders FC team know they have a following in the Midwest.  The Heartland Horde was born! We have a mascot (Rainier, the bison), scarves, (and sometimes more swag) and have grown every year as we meet Sounders fans in the stands and bars and bring them into the fold.

What We Do

We are an amazingly diverse group in every way and strive to create an inclusive culture that welcomes anyone who is a full-on Sounders supporters. We are teachers, IT techs, consultants, doctors, property managers, barbers, and everything in between.   Our Facebook page is active, especially on game days when we watch the games “together,” bemoaning bad calls and praising our boys in green. We are the “feet on the ground” for games on our turf, and our meetups are epic. Almost everyone tries to get out to at least a few games, home or away, each year. Our usual destinations include Kansas City, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Colorado, Minnesota, Houston, Salt Lake, and Cincinnati.

How To Join

If you’re interested in joining the Heartland Horde, check us out on Facebook.

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