ECS Tifo 2014


This tifo was conceived to be a simple, but loud message of our supporters’ expectation for our team in the Cascadia Cup competition. We have a glorious past, rich in history and success, especially against our Cascadian rivals. But it’s been two years since the cup has been with us and it’s time to change that. It’s time to no longer be level with these other clubs. A club of greatness such as our Sounders deserves to be above the rest, and by a stretch. With our team’s heart and skill, buoyed by our never ending support, we must get our first Cascadia cup win today. This tifo shows our players our expectations for this match and the remainder of this year’s Cascadia cup competition. Time to show we are the Cascadian Masters.

The tifo is comprised of three elements:

  • A blue and green sunburst card display spanning 7 sections and made up of over 4200 cards.
  • Two vertical 8 ft by 60 ft text banners, reading “CASCADIAN MASTERS”
  • A cutout overhead of the Sounders FC crest measuring 140 ft by 90 ft, believed to be the largest version of the Sounders crest ever made. We’re willing to bet that crest could be seen from space, we just hope someone was up there looking down.

The display required 5 days of production from over 60 ECS members who helped in painting, drawing, sewing, and cutting cards. We thank you for your support and contributions of your time to one of the greatest joys in being part of a supporters club: making tifo. If you want to help in the future please stay in the loop by following @weareecs and @ECSTifo or by signing up to our newsletter and by joining the conversation on our forums.  If you would like to help financially, you can donate in our store


Up the Sounders, Up the ECS!

ECS Tifo and Leadership