ECS Tifo 2015

When the Sounders made their MLS debut on March 19th 2009 at Royal Brougham Park it was but the next stage in Sounders history. On that night the ECS reminded everyone of the Sounders past with the “Tonight Our History Becomes Legend” tifo display.

Just like joining the MLS in 2009, Sounders 2 starting play in the USL represents the next stage in the development and growth of our club. And so we have, “Sounders 2: The Legend Continues” with Head Coach Ezra Hendrickson leading the charge at Starfire Sports in front of fervent supporters and under the Seattle skyline. 

Legend Continues

The production of this display marks the first time the ECS has done a large vertical display at Starfire. Using the poles for our larger flags, we were able to hoist the 26’x20’ curtain in front of our section. In this grand moment we displayed what represented about 10 hours of design and 30 hours of production work from our volunteer team.

Want to be part of the Sounders Legend? Join us for S2 matches all year long!