ECS Tifo 2018

For the 10th anniversary of our club entering MLS, we choreographed a display that calls for everyone to raise their cups to celebrate, then we raised Big F’ing Two Poles (BF2Ps) with each of the Sounders cups (and a shield) from this era. It has been a great 10 years, and as we head into the playoffs we hope to see more added to this collection of silverware!

This display consists of a curtain 25’ tall and 150’ wide, 9 BF2Ps that are 10’x10’ and about 2500 small flags. ECS volunteers produced this display in about a week of sewing, drawing and painting. The tifo production team needs more volunteers to keep doing displays like this, and going bigger and better! Please join us at one of our upcoming sessions, you can signup HERE to get emails of when that will be!

Photo Credit: Jill Peck