ECS Tifo 2019

We should start by thanking the people who allowed us to build a life in this land and we should call them by name: the Duwamish and Coast Salish People. The original inhabitants and stewards of this land. It is because of them why we are here today, them and all ancestors across all lands.

We the Emerald City Supporters and la Barra Fuerza Verde stand for equity, inclusion, and respect for all. We stand against fascism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. We stand for creating a space where spirited supporters build bridges between communities. Creating a space where we respect, stand next to each other, and support our team to the next victory. We sing for our boys, raise our scarves, and wave our flags proudly. We support all groups and communities that join us in supporting our home, our city, our team.

The choreo display is an image of Tlaloc, Aztec god of rain, giver of life and substance. We show our appreciation for the greenery that the pacific northwest provides, and the waters that give us life; Like the Duwamish and the Columbia. For this match we ask our god Tlaloc to make it rain, but rain goals. Many goals. Muchos Goles!

Porque- para ganar los Sounders, se necesita meter muchos goles!

We invite you to support the organizations that support our communities. The communities that stand with us until the next victory. If you need guidance, ask within Barra or ECS.