ECS Tifo 2021

Photo by @PNWmf

Fortune Favors the Bold

As is the case in tarot readings, the cards tell a bigger story. They show you the potential in your path, but it’s up to you to fulfill it. In this reading, there was one clear message we wanted to send to our boys before the first whistle: Seize Your Fortune.

While second in the West and extending the playoff streak is nothing to be scoffed at, these 2021 Sounders must carve their own future. As we’ve established, nothing is given; everything is earned. And when it comes to Royal Brougham Park, there’s a special kind of magic in the air when the regular season ends and the playoffs begin. The nights are darker and colder, the flags are wetter, and the boys have a penchant for the dramatic.

On the cards, we didn’t skimp on detail. The Fortress, as Stefan Frei calls it, is card XIII (13) for our 13th season in the playoffs. The Chorus is 121-122-123 for the ECS sections. And The Steward (and his coffee cup) is 74. Beyond that, the remaining six cards are numbered for the players featured on them: Cristian Roldan (The Ironman), Raúl Ruidíaz (La Pulga), Yeimar Gomez Andrade (Strength), Nicolas Benezet (Confidence), Nouhou (Chaos), and Frei (King of Gloves).

Each of the nine cards also includes a blue and green checkered pattern as a nod to our 2019 Cup Final display.

This display couldn’t have been done without our amazing tifo volunteers. From the planning and design, to sewing and painting, to deployment, we needed all 50+ folks who came out and helped. Want to be part of what’s next? Sign up for the Tifo mailing list to be looped in once the work for 2022 begins.