ECS Tifo 2022


Photo by @PNWmf


With every choreo we strive to motivate our players in the last seconds before they take the field of battle. We remind them of the club’s history, ambition, and valuesAn occasion as important as the CCL championship called for a strong message, to remind them of the who we are, and of what comes next. And that’s what we set out to do with this display.

We have won so many Cascadia Cups, we had to have a new plaque made this past offseason to add room to list them all. Seriously. We have been so dominant since we joined MLS that we’ve filled the downtown Seattle trophy case and had to buy half of Renton to build another one. Every other club in the league measures their success by comparison to us. 

But this match was about expanding to a new level, going where no MLS team had ever gone before. This display shows the Sounders as the center of the universe, with circles around the crest demonstrating the continued expansion of our dominance. We set our eyes on this next objective, and 90 minutes later our boys brought it to us. 

So now that we’ve captured CONCACAF, who’s ready to take on the world?

More information on the forums about how you can be part of making these and next time you'll be able to say: "I helped make that happen!"