ECS Tifo 2022

Photos by @PNWmf 

Born in Nineteen-Seventy-Four,
Sounders! Sounders! 

And now we win like never before,
Sounders! Sounders! 

We love our boys in famous green,
the greatest team you've ever seen 

Seattle Sounders,
Born in Seventy-Four!

As part of the celebration of our CONCACAF Champions League banner drop, and to bask in a meaningful championship in front of our rivals, we took the opportunity to remind the team on the pitch - and the fans in the stands - that this is the greatest team we’ve ever seen.

Then, since the league won’t give anyone an answer on how to display such a feat on the crest, we took the opportunity - via curtain switch - to give our two-star crest a proper crown, befitting of a CCL Champion.

Along with the swap of middle curtains, the visual display featured cards to hold in the entire Brougham End, with shiny diamonds carrying on the pattern of the text curtains. Also included as part of the choreo, with many thanks to our tireless volunteers who set these out individually, were 30,000 tiny cards in the cup holders seats throughout the stadium. The cards included the lyrics to the display’s namesake song on one side, encouraging fans to sing with us during the deployment. On the other side was a QR code to visit a special website with the lyrics, when to sing the song, and a trip down memory lane of past displays for our rival derby.

If you want to help with production or deployment for our next display, sign up for the tifo volunteer list. If you’re not local, or can’t make it out, and want to donate to the tifo fund, you can do that in the ECS store.