ECS Tifo 2022

Photo by @PNWmf 


Brougham Faithful

Sounders Til I Die

For Our Boys Until the End

Eternal Blue Forever Green

On every matchday, these are the words you chant and sing, they’re the words on the flags you wave, on the banners you stand behind, and the scarf you wear around your neck and raise overhead. They’re true every day, they’re the reason we stand together as one, focusing our collective energy into support for the Boys.

This season, or at least the last 3 months of it, has been a real test of our mentality. With wins not coming, heartbreaking losses piling up, and even draws feeling like losses, our faithfulness has been put to the test. And despite the poor play and results, our support has carried on. We’ve beaten the drums until our hands bled, we’ve sung our hearts out, we’ve waved flags until our arms fell off, because we never quit on the Boys just like we expect them to never quit on us.

We'll see you at first practice in January.