ECS Tifo 2023

Photo Credit: @PNWmf on twitter

After his third studio album release in 1989, LL Cool J was being hammered by critics and peers alike for being soft, many saying he fell off. What followed was a blistering response to those critics with his single, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” inspired by a conversation with his grandmother in which she gave him the titular instructions.

Cool James led off the song with the now iconic phrase, “don’t call it a comeback,” telling his critics right away that he never fell off in the first place.
With this display we use the phrase to remind the league and the talking heads that our Sounders spent years building their legacy and they’re not done yet. Certainly not after winning the continental championship. Consider this a warning that we’ve told our boys to knock you out and we expect them to return to the pitch with the same fury with which LL returned to the studio.
So, don’t call it a comeback. We never left. We’ve been on top. That’s where we belong. That’s where we’re going to stay.
If you want to join the party, buy your membership and then sign up to become a volunteer. ECS is a volunteer-led and volunteer-driven organization. This display took approximately 400 volunteer hours from concept call to deployment on match day - including design, sewing, drawing, painting, and setup. If you want to get on the tifo volunteer list and help with the next one, let us know.
(Shoutout to our Steward, who played along when given a gold chain pre-match with no context.)
Photo Credit: Sounders FC